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DOT Developing Best Practices and Training for Driver Education. Due 4/5. $1.8M Available.

Opportunity Title:

Developing Best Practices and Training for Driver Education

Opportunity Number:



The purpose and objective of this Umbrella Cooperative Agreement (CA or Agreement) is to conduct research on, evaluations of, and identification of best practices related to driver education for novice drivers and to train state driver licensing authorities how to adopt such practices.

Drivers between the ages of 15 to 20 years have the highest involvement in fatal crashes of any age group. In addition, there is an increasing proportion of young people over the age of 18 years delaying licensure. If an individual delays obtaining a drivers license, the individual may no longer be subject to a State’s graduated licensing procedures resulting in no classroom or behind-the-wheel training/instruction before a license is issued (Tefft et al, 2014). New traffic safety countermeasures are required to address these trends.

NHTSA seeks innovative and creative projects that will focus on:

· Identifying and developing innovative driver education, licensing, or training demonstration practices and countermeasures.

· Developing education and training to driver licensing authorities on best practices or countermeasures.

· Conduct research of issues or practices related to driver education, licensing, training, and countermeasures.


This cooperative agreement is available for full and open competition, all potential applicants are eligible to apply.

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

April 5, 2023

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