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EPA Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Grants: $932M in Funding Available – Due 07/25/24

Opportunity Title:

Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Grants



Opportunity Number:



This notice announces the availability of funds and solicits applications from eligible entities to incentivize and accelerate the replacement of existing non-ZE Class 6 and 7 heavy-duty vehicles with ZE vehicles. The EPA anticipates awarding up to $932 million in funds under this Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles (CHDV) Grants NOFO, subject to the availability of funds, the quantity and quality of applications received, support for communities overburdened by air pollution, applicability of different business models, and other applicable considerations described in this document.

This funding to support ZE vehicles will benefit communities across the United States (U.S.), especially communities that are disproportionately burdened by air pollution and marginalized by underinvestment. These replacement vehicles will ensure cleaner air for the communities in which they operate. The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from these vehicle replacements will also help address the outsized role of the transportation sector in fueling the climate crisis.

This NOFO includes two sub-programs: the School Bus Sub-Program and the Vocational Vehicles Sub-Program. The School Bus Sub-Program is for applicants replacing school buses; the Vocational Vehicles Sub-Program is for applicants replacing non-school bus Class 6/7 vehicles. The EPA is providing two separate competitions under this single NOFO to meet the needs of diverse potential recipients and encourage participation in the CHDV Grants.


  1. States, including U.S. territories

  2. Municipalities, including public school districts

  3. Indian Tribes

  4. Nonprofit school transportation associations

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:



Applications Due July 25, 2024

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