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FTA Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development Planning. Deadline: 7/15/22. $13M Available.

Opportunity Title:

Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development Planning – Section 20005(b)


The Pilot Program for TOD Planning helps support FTA’s mission of improving America’s communities through public transportation by providing funding to local communities to integrate land use and transportation planning with a new fixed guideway or core capacity transit capital investment. Comprehensive planning funded through the program must examine ways to improve economic development and ridership, foster multimodal connectivity and accessibility, improve transit access for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, engage the private sector, identify infrastructure needs, and enable mixed-use development near transit stations.


Applicants and eventual grant recipients under this program must be FTA grantees as of the publication date of the NOFO. A proposer must either be the project sponsor of an eligible transit capital project as defined above or an entity with land use planning authority in an eligible transit capital project corridor. Evidence of a partnership between these two types of entities will be required unless the applicant has both responsibilities. Please refer to the NOFO for additional details.

Only one application per transit capital project corridor may be submitted to FTA. Multiple applications submitted for a single transit capital project corridor indicates to FTA that partnerships are not in place and FTA will reject all of the applications.

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

July 25, 2022

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