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Hydrogen Hubs Summit being held on September 12 - 14, 2022

Opportunity Title:

Hydrogen Hubs Summit


The federal government is jumpstarting the hydrogen economy with $8.58 billion in seed money; will your hydrogen hub project be on board? Come to Washington D.C. to the only event that will let you hear directly from key policy makers as they provide up-to-the-minute updates on the still evolving application process for funds to kick-start at least four hydrogen hub projects; to learn in detail how your hub project’s application will be evaluated; to get briefings on state incentive programs and how they can be leveraged by your hub project; to learn what further incentives state and federal lawmakers are working towards today; to receive updates on the business models of many leading hub projects; to get reports on actual price data on international hydrogen projects; to meet potential joint venture partners and hydrogen off-takers from long-haul transportation, petrochemical production and electric power; and to learn what you’ll need to make your hub project a reality.

The Hydrogen Hubs Summit will bring policymakers together with hub developers, technology providers and potential hydrogen offtakers to discuss upcoming procurements and development opportunities. The Summit will:

  • Provide clarity on the IIJA procurement processes, as well the potential for future government incentives

  • Assess how production costs for clean hydrogen could be reduced via advanced electrolysis and pyrolysis technologies, usage of existing natural gas infrastructure, and more

  • Examine the detailed cost and performance data from pioneering green hydrogen projects in the US and Europe

  • Present overviews of leading hydrogen hub project proposals serving various end markets

  • Provide an opportunity to listen to and meet with long-haul transportation, electric grid and process industry off-takers to understand what they are looking for in deals

  • Discuss how to handle the transactional issues with hydrogen offtake agreements and project financing with these new types of energy infrastructure projects

Attend the Hydrogen Hubs Summit and learn how you can secure your place in the emerging hydrogen economy!

Date, Time, and Location

The Hydrogen Hubs Summit will be held on September 12 - 14, 2022 at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel (900 South Orne Street, Arlington, VA 22204) in Arlington, VA

Room Rate: $189

Reservation Call In No: (800) 325-3535

Reservation Web Link: Click Here

Cut-Off Date: Sunday, August 21, 2022

Group Name: Hydrogen Hubs

**WARNING: Please do not book any guest rooms with 3rd Party Housing Companies for this event. Infocast does not partner with outside housing companies, so we advise that you only book guest rooms at the hotel using the details provided above.**

Register Here

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