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National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (NCGMP): Educational Component (EDMAP) Due 01/12/2024

Opportunity Title:

The Educational Component of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program


Department of the Interior

Geological Survey

Opportunity Number:



The primary objective of the EDMAP component of the NCGMP is to train the next generation of geologic mappers. To do this, the NCGMP provides funds for undergraduate and graduate student research projects that involve all activities relevant to the creation of geologic maps (defined broadly as all maps that characterize the solid Earth and/or its constituents). Through these cooperative agreements, the NCGMP hopes to expand the research and educational capacity of national academic programs that teach Earth science students the broad range of techniques relevant to geologic mapping and the analysis of field, geophysical, borehole, and remote sensing data. As of 2023, EDMAP has funded more than 1,440 students from more than 173 universities.


Public and State controlled institutions of higher education

Award Details:

Maximum Award:



January 12, 2024

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