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NY - Regional Clean Energy Hubs (Hubs)

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will be issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) later this Summer to identify organizations, in each economic development region in the state, to connect residents and small businesses to clean energy programs and resources. These organizations will serve as Regional Clean Energy Hubs (Hubs) and will play an instrumental role in engaging disadvantaged communities to ensure they have access to, and benefit from, the clean energy economy. The Hubs will be tasked with:

  • Acting as a trusted local resource for community members to learn more about the energy-related programs and services available to them.

  • Increasing awareness of these programs and services by leveraging the expertise and trust of local community partner organizations - particularly those with a proven track record of engaging disadvantaged communities.

  • Developing outreach and engagement strategies to elevate the needs of communities and residents into program and policy development.

  • Addressing gaps in and advancing diversity of the clean energy workforce by connecting residents with educational, training, and job opportunities and small businesses with resources to support economic development.

Regional Clean Energy Hubs will provide a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to ensure that all New Yorkers have equal access to the benefits of the State’s clean energy transition. These benefits include energy saving programs for their homes and businesses that can lower monthly expenses and improve overall well-being, renewable energy options that reduce reliance on fossil fuels, job opportunities in the growing clean energy economy, and more. Organizations with experience in providing services in the clean energy, energy efficiency, social services, housing, economic development, health, and academic sectors are all encouraged to participate in the development of the Hubs as a new way to offer new services to residents and communities. Each Regional Clean Energy Hub will be led by an organization that will be responsible for implementing the overarching strategy for working with communities and residents in that region. Due to the collaborative nature of the Hubs and the cross-organizational collaboration that will be required for a successful initiative, a two-phase process has been outlined: Step 1: Identifying interested organizations through NYSERDA’s establishment of a web-based Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse will allow organizations to state their interest in teaming on a proposal or otherwise partnering with the Hub in their region. Organizations who are interested in participating as part of a team for the Hubs are encouraged to share their information in the Clearinghouse, though participation is not required to submit a proposal for the eventual RFP. The Clearinghouse is offered solely as a resource to help identify potential teaming arrangements or partners. A pre-recorded webinar on the Clearinghouse has been posted to the NYSERDA website. For questions pertaining to the Clearinghouse, please contact project managers Lori Clark (518) 862-1090 ext. 3202 or Bianca Shaw (716) 842-1522 ext. 3039 or A live Q&A session will be hosted June 8, 2021. To attend, please register in advance using the link below:

Regional Clean Energy Hub Clearinghouse Live Q+A Webinar

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