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Outdoor Equity Grants Program

California Department of Parks and Recreation: Outdoor Equity Grants Program

Deadline: TBD (Application Guide will be posted for public review/comment period spring of 2021)

Amount: $19 million appropriated by the legislature on July 1, 2020

Eligibility: public agencies and nonprofit organizations

The intent of the program is to increase the ability of underserved populations to participate in outdoor environmental educational experiences at state parks and other public lands. Competitive grants will give Californians new access to programs in parks and outdoor areas. These grants will support the health and wellness of Californians through new physical activities and nature experiences, career pathway, and leadership opportunities. Multi-year, multi-touch outdoor educational programs serving youth, seniors, and families will be more competitive than a single event. Each activity can serve a specific population group with unique needs and interests. Programs will be given higher priority if they serve underserved populations, including both urban and rural areas and low-income communities.

Must be:

• Outdoor Environmental Education Programs

• Recreation Programs

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