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Public Utilities Commission - CA Advanced Services Fund - Rural&Urban Regional Broadband Consortia

Opportunity Title:

California Advanced Services Fund: Rural and Urban Regional Broadband Consortia Account


Moneys in the Consortia Grant Account shall be available for grants to eligible consortia to facilitate deployment of broadband services by assisting CASF infrastructure applicants in the project development or grant application process or assisting broadband deployment projects related to programs created under SB 156 and AB 164. The Commission will award grants based only upon the budgeted level of program activities approved for each Consortium, subject to a maximum funding cap of $200,000 per year per Consortium, plus up to $10,000 (per consortium for up to 5 representatives) for attendance to at least one of the annual public workshops held pursuant to Public Utilities Code, § 281. Where an application seeks multi-year funding, however, the application must still present separate year-by-year annual Work Plans and budgets. Awards granted may be less than the allowed maximum amounts in order to leverage available funding. Any CASF grants awarded will be limited to and apply only to activities and programs that are not already funded by any other public or private sources.


Business, Nonprofit, Public Agency

Consortiums which may include, representatives of organizations, including but not limited to local and regional government, public safety, elementary and secondary education, health care, libraries, post-secondary education, community-based organizations, tourism, parks and recreation, agricultural, business, workforce organizations and air pollution control or air quality management districts. Refer to Consortia Grant website for more info.

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

Solicitation open as needed.

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