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SARE - Farmer/Rancher Grant. Deadline: 11/2/2022.

Opportunity Title:

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education - Farmer/Rancher Grant


The Western SARE Farmer/Rancher Research & Education Grant Program focuses on advancing on-farm sustainability solutions by funding innovative producer-driven research and outreach. This grant program involves agricultural producers (main applicants) and technical advisor(s) implementing projects to address identified needs in sustainable agriculture.

Projects with 1-2 producers may apply for up to $25,000 and projects with 3 or more producers working together may apply for up to $29,900.

With a Farmer/Rancher Grant, a producer and a technical advisor work together to develop a project (1-3 years in scope) that conducts both research and outreach on a sustainable agriculture topic. With the support and guidance of the technical advisor, producers must integrate research and education to conduct on-site/on-farm experiments to address social, environmental, and economic aspects of agricultural sustainability. The goal of this program is to achieve results that can be communicated to other producers and professionals; sustain and improve the environmental quality and natural resource base on which agriculture depends; improve the profitability of producers and associated agricultural businesses; and enhance the quality of life for producers in local communities. Outreach activities may include on-farm/ranch demonstrations, farmer-to-farmer educational activities, and other approaches to assist producer adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.


The primary applicant (principal investigator, PI) for a Farmer/Rancher grant must be an agricultural producer - farmer or rancher. The PI must also work in collaboration with a technical advisor (TA), who will be required to provide a letter of collaboration and resume at the time of submission with the proposal. The project team may also include additional researchers, educators, outreach representatives, and other collaborators with appropriate expertise to complete the project.

Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

November 2, 2022

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