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State Water Resources Control Board - County-Wide and Regional Funding Program. Ongoing deadline.

Opportunity Title:

County-Wide and Regional Funding Program


The State Water Board has funding available from various sources within the Safe and Affordable Funding for Equity and Resilience (SAFER) Program to fund drinking water projects that address drought-related and contamination issues. Although we have several programs already in place, we have identified gaps for regional programs that address the needs of households served by state smalls and domestic wells throughout the State.

DFA does not award funding directly to households, and available DFA funding to address emergency needs of state smalls and domestic wells can’t be implemented on an immediate basis. One key goal of this program is to award funding to counties or their partners to enable them to setup programs proactively, based on anticipated needs, and therefore be ready to respond promptly when urgent needs arise.


Nonprofit, Public Agency, Tribal Government


Application Deadline:


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