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USDA Scientific Exchange Program (SEP) – Women in Sustainable Food Systems – Due 03/25/24

Opportunity Title:

2024 Scientific Exchange Program – Women in Sustainable Food Systems



Department of Agriculture (USDA), Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)


Opportunity Number:




The Scientific Exchange Program (SEP) leverages the latest developments in cross-cutting agricultural priorities, research, and technologies to educate a new generation of agricultural scientist to promote trade, trade policy, trade capacity building, and food security. The collaborative nature of the SEP leadership training and research programs improves agricultural productivity, systems, and processes in partnering emerging market economies through the transfer of new science and agricultural technologies. SEP focuses on a cohort of Fellows who spend up to 12 weeks at the U.S. academic institution (host institution) and work directly with U.S. scientists in their fields.

For fiscal year 2024, USDA/FAS is seeking proposals that:

  1. promote the mentorship and leadership role of women researchers and scientists in food systems and,

  2. that strengthen the science and evidence-base for the role and needs of women in food systems, including as it relates to climate change.


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



Maximum Award:




Applications Due March 25, 2024



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