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CA – Equity and Access Public Participation Grant – Rolling applications through June 2025

Opportunity Title:

Equity and Access Public Participation Grant


Opportunity Number:

Portal ID:45509


The Public Participation (PP) Grant Account is intended to remove financial and capacity-based barriers to participation while creating a flexible and accessible process to apply for and receive compensation. Organizations are compensated for their time for participating in day-to-day CPUC activities that drive and influence policy decisions.

Grants will be awarded for specific eligible activities, such as speaking on a panel, participating in a working group, or participation in other decision-making processes. The PP Grant Account cap per organization of $15,000 will ensure a proportional distribution of funds over time and across various organizations. Submissions for grant awards will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the grant period and payment for these discrete engagements will be prompt.


Nonprofit, Other Legal Entity, Tribal Government

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:



June 30, 2025

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