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CA Governors Office of Emergency Services Sexual Assault American Rescue Plan. Due: 6/29/22.

Opportunity Title:

Sexual Assault American Rescue Plan (AR) Program


The purpose of the AR Program is to help rape crisis centers and sexual assault programs continue adapting to meet the emergency needs of sexual assault survivors in response to the COVID -19 public health emergency.

Funds are to be used to continue efforts to prepare for, prevent, and respond to COVID-19. Funding may support a range of in-scope activities including counseling, mobile advocacy, telehealth, teletherapy, peer support, temporary housing, rental assistance and nominal relocation expenses, supplies, equipment, and software to assist in carrying out virtual services.


Nonprofit, Public Agency

The Applicant must be a governmental or non-governmental organization (NGO) serving sexual assault victims. Priority will be given to NGOs not currently funded through the Rape Crisis (RC), Victim Advocacy in Detention Facilities (KA), Campus Sexual Assault (CT), or the Child Sexual Abuse Treatment (CS) Programs.

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

June 29, 2022

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