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CA Public Utilities Commission - Local Agency Technical Assistance. $50M Available.

Opportunity Title:

Local Agency Technical Assistance


The CPUC established the Local Agency Technical Assistance (LATA) grant program for eligible pre-construction work facilitating broadband network projects to areas in need. The program has a $50 million budget for eligible local agencies and tribal entities in California, including a $5 million set aside for tribes.

Technical assistance grants support tribes and local agencies in their efforts to expand broadband to communities lacking sufficient Internet. Grant recipients are reimbursed for eligible pre-construction expenses to provide last-mile connections to unserved and underserved communities. Examples of reimbursable expenses:

  • Consultant or staff time for conducting needs assessments, environmental and engineering studies, network design, and broadband strategic plans.

  • Costs incurred in forming a joint powers authority for the purpose of bringing broadband to areas in need of sufficient Internet connections.


•A city

• A county, including a county service area

• A community services district

• A public utility district

• A municipal utility district

• A joint powers authority

• A local educational agency, as defined in section 47640 of the Education Code

• A sovereign tribal government

• An electrical cooperative, as defined in section 2776 of the Public Utilities Code

Total Amount Available:


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