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CA Strategic Growth Council - Transformative Climate Communities, Round 4. Deadline: 7/1/22

Opportunity Title:

Transformative Climate Communities Round 4


The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) administers the TCC Program in partnership with the California Department of Conservation (DOC). A $115 million FY 2021-2022 budget appropriation from the General Fund supports Round 4 of the TCC Program, which will award two (2) types of grants:

Implementation Grants

▪ Implementation Grants fund neighborhood-level proposals that include multiple, coordinated projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve other community benefits.

▪ $105,000,000 is available for three (3) grant awards of $35,000,000 each.

▪ Grant terms are six (6) years: a five (5) year Project Completion Period, followed by a one (1) year Performance Period, during which project outcomes will be monitored.

▪ For more information about the program framework, eligibility, application, and grant administration, see Section II. Implementation Grants.

Planning Grants

▪ Planning Grants fund planning activities to prepare disadvantaged communities for future funding opportunities in programs that align with the TCC Program’s objectives.

▪ $1,200,000 is available for four (4) awards of $300,000 each.

▪ Grant terms are two (2) years, with the option to extend on a case-by-case basis.

▪ For more information about the program objectives, eligibility, application, and grant administration, see Section III. Planning Grants.


Organizations eligible to serve as Lead Applicant may include but are not limited to: community based organizations, local governments, nonprofit organizations, philanthropic organizations and foundations, faith-based organizations, coalitions or associations of nonprofit organizations, community development finance institutions, community development corporations, joint powers authorities, councils of governments, and California Native American Tribes.

Award Details:

Implementation Grants:

$105,000,000 available for 3 awards ($35,000,000 each).

Planning Grants:

$1,200,000 available for 4 awards ($300,000 each).

Application Deadline:

Application Pre-Proposals are due April 22, 2022.

Final Applications are due July 1, 2022.

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