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California Electric Homes Program (CalEHP) Incentives for New All-Electric Residential Constructions

Opportunity Title:

California Electric Homes Program (CalEHP)




The California Electric Homes Program provides technical assistance and financial incentives to residential developers and builders constructing new, market-rate homes with all-electric appliances and equipment. The program supports all-electric new construction practices, drives energy savings, and supports California’s advanced energy efficiency policy goals.

Funded by the California Energy Commission, Electric Homes Program incentives are available statewide for all-electric residential new construction projects of the following building types:

  • Single Family

  • Multifamily

  • Manufactured Homes


The Electric Homes program requires all participating projects to have 100% all-electric residential spaces, including residential common areas. The program requires participating projects to install heat pump space and water heating, induction cooking, thermostatic-mixing valves, segregated circuits, and smart thermostats. 

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:




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