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Carbontech Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program (PON 4806)


The Carbontech Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program will catalyze the establishment of a nation-leading carbontech innovation and commercialization program for entrepreneurial scientists in New York State. This initiative will support a New York based organization, a Fellowship Partner, to set up and execute a fellowship program that provides financial and other support to entrepreneurial scientists with breakthrough carbontech innovations. NYSERDA will provide anchor funding for, and partnership to, the selected Fellowship Partner. NYSERDA will collaborate with the awardee to design programming, secure private and public program funding, and to ensure the success of program grantees as they advance and commercialize their innovative carbontech solutions. Eligible entities may apply to serve as the Fellowship Partner, for whom $9,146,000.00 in NYSERDA program funding is available to set up a the Carbontech Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program, administer its activities, and ensure its long-term continued operation. The awarded Fellowship Partner will be expected to provide or procure cost share for 25% of the program budget and promote the State as a national leader in carbontech innovation.

Application Submission

  • Apply Online

  • Application Instructions and Portal Training Guide [PDF]

Associated Documents

  • PON 4806 Summary [PDF]

  • Attachment A Proposal Template [DOCX]

  • Attachment B Budget Template [XLS]

  • Attachment C Sample Agreement [DOCX]

  • Disclosure Statement [PDF]


  • Katie MacDonald

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