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CEC EJ4Climate Grant Program (open for projects in Canada, Mexico, or the US) – Due 11/9

Opportunity Title:

EJ4Climate Grant Program


Commission for Environmental Cooperation


For this third grant cycle of EJ4Climate, the CEC is calling for project proposals that will advance community-driven strategies in support of environmental justice and community resilience to the impacts of extreme weather events in urban areas. In North America, approximately 80% of people live in urban areas, making urban environments the space and framework through which much of today’s climate change, and responses to it, unfolds and therefore could result in greater impacts.

In compliance with the theme, projects will be implemented in overburdened communities in urban areas. The community-driven strategies will integrate empowerment as the main principle to support and enable communities and individuals to gain more influence and implement long-lasting solutions to strengthen resilience to extreme weather events and reduce the current disproportionate and adverse health, economic and social impacts.


Nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), civil society groups, environmental groups, community-based associations, faith-based organizations, tribal nations, and Indigenous Peoples and communities.

Grantees must be located in Canada, Mexico or the United States.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:



November 9, 2023

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