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CEC Signage and Other Measure to Increase the Visibility of EV Charging and Hydrogen Refueling

Opportunity Title:

Signage and Other Measure to Increase the Visibility of Electric Vehicle Charging and Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Opportunity Number:



This is a competitive grant solicitation. The California Energy Commission’s (CEC’s) Clean Transportation Program announces the availability of up to $1 million in grant funds for projects that will increase the visibility of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, charging stations, and hydrogen refueling stations through the installation of signs along freeways, highways, major urban boulevards, and surface streets, and within larger parking lots such as malls or shopping centers.


Counties, cities, towns; Regional government entities; Community-based organizations; not for profit organizations; Electric vehicle service providers (EVSPs); Electric Vehicle equipment suppliers (EVSEs); Hydrogen refueling station developers and operators; Site host for existing EV charging stations and hydrogen refueling stations; Original automotive equipment manufacturers (OEMs); OEM dealerships

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

June 29, 2023

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