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Closed Loop Ventures

Closed Loop Ventures partners with companies providing resource and supply chain efficiency within the sectors of plastics & packaging, food & agriculture, fashion & apparel, and transparency & logistics.

We focus on commercializing the most cutting-edge technologies in the circular economy, including innovations in AI, robotics, material science, distributed manufacturing, advanced supply chain technology, and transparency tools, and prioritize working with founders who are committed to building their business with integrity and impact.

What We Look For We believe that companies leading the development of the circular economy create value for the economy and society. In order to promote the circular economy, we seek investments in companies that reduce waste in supply chains and increase the use of recycled material in supply chains.

We are looking for founders who have the capacity to build their vision into a business, are realistic and excited about the challenges of creating a company, and who are as motivated by profits as they are by the impact they look to create. We focus on founders who are open and reflective – constantly looking to improve, committed to building great teams, obsessed with serving their customer needs, and open and communicative with the people they work with. We seek companies that have produced MVPs of their products, have validated initial product-market-fit, and who are looking to grow. We expect those MVPs to have, or at least have visibility into, positive contribution margins.

CLV works with entrepreneurs to find flexible investment structures that work for everyone at the table. We are open to models of profit sharing, traditional equity, convertible notes, SAFEs, etc. We look to invest at the Seed or Pre-Seed round, while valuations are under $10 million.

We can provide up to $500,000 in initial investment rounds, and look to continue supporting companies after that first investment with additional capital, connections to industry partners, and support from the broader Closed Loop Partners network.

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