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Coming Soon: CA Dept. of Conservation - Forest Biofuels Gasification Pilot Program.

Opportunity Title:

Forest Biofuels Gasification Pilot Program


The Department of Conservation received a $50M budget allocation in the FY21-22 budget – to be made available in July 2022 – focused specifically on creating carbon-negative hydrogen and/or liquid fuel from forest biomass. Funding awards will be made to sites located within the Sierra Nevada. These funds will be offered as a competitive solicitation; the DOC is working to make this solicitation live as soon as possible following fund availability (July 1, 2022, pending FY 22-23 budget approval). It is likely that a request for information will be advertised prior to the request for proposals to help in informing solicitation development. The DOC expects to work closely with both CARB and the CEC, as called out in the budget language, but also with sister agencies, boards, departments, and commissions that share similar goals and have aligned interest.

Total Amount Available:


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