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Coming Soon: DOE Large-Scale Concentrating Solar-thermal Technologies - Anticipated Release March 2024

Opportunity Title:

Concentrating Solar Flux to Heat and Power



Department of Energy (DOE), Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO)

Opportunity Number:




The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) has declared its intention to provide funding for the Concentrating Solar Flux to Heat and Power funding opportunity. This initiative will allocate up to $30 million to support groundbreaking projects aimed at advancing the large-scale development and implementation of concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) technology. CSP technologies are recognized for their distinctive ability to serve as a renewable energy source capable of efficiently delivering high-temperature heat while integrating energy storage to facilitate on-demand solar power.

SETO is interested in funding projects in three topic areas:  

  • Topic Area 1: Scalable Concentrating Solar Collectors 

  • Topic Area 2: Scalable Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (sCO2) Turbomachinery 

  • Topic Area 3: Scalable Concentrating Solar-thermal Receivers and Reactors 

The goals of the intended FOA will be aligned with DOE’s target of levelized cost of heat of $0.02 per kilowatt-hour, and levelized cost of electricity of $0.05 kilowatt-hour.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:



Minimum Award:




Anticipated Release March 2024


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