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Deadline EXTENDED to Nov 15 - Youth Community Access grant program

The California Natural Resources Agency will be accepting proposals for the Youth Community Access Grant Program from July 14th, 2020 to September 16th, 2020 at 5:00 PM  via the System for Online Application Review (SOAR). The program, funded by Proposition 64, seeks projects that support youth access to natural or cultural resources with a focus on low-income and disadvantaged communities including, but not limited to, community education and recreational amenities to support youth substance use prevention and early intervention.

Approximately $5.7 million in awards will be funded by this program. Applicants submitting the most competitive proposals will be invited to participate in the next level of the competitive process, estimated to begin Spring 2021.

For questions contact us at:

Phone: (916) 653-2812

Proposal Submission Deadline for the Youth Community Access Grant Program extended for Public School Districts and entities affected by wildfires.

This notice is to clarify that Public School Districts are eligible applicants for the Youth Community Access grant program.  During program workshops incorrect information was  presented indicating Public School Districts were ineligible to apply for funding.  Due to the error, the proposal submission deadline has been extended until 5 pm on November 16, 2020 for Public School Districts only.

Additionally, with the devastating wildfires across the State, the California Natural Resources Agency has extended the current submission deadline of 5 pm on September 16, 2020 by 2 weeks to 5 pm on September 30, 2020 for those entities impacted by wildfires.  To request an extension due to impacts of wildfire, please contact our office by email at or by calling 916-653-2812. 

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