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Dept. of Defense - Military Burn, Technology/Therapeutic Development. Due: 10/11/22. $4.4M Available

Opportunity Title:

Military Burn, Technology/Therapeutic Development Award

Opportunity Number:



The MBRP Technology/Therapeutic Development Award is a product-driven award mechanism intended to provide support for the translation of promising preclinical findings into products for clinical application that address one or more of the critical gaps included in the FY22 MBRP TTDA Focus Areas. Products under development must be relevant to military application and address the needs of military Service Members, Veterans, and/or beneficiaries.

The product(s) to be developed may be a tangible item such as a pharmacologic agent (including, but not limited to, drugs or biologics); or device-focused. Knowledge products may be considered, provided that the knowledge is applicable to a technology or therapeutic under development. (A “knowledge product” is a non-materiel product that addresses an identified need in one or more of the FY22 MBRP TTDA Focus Areas, is based on current evidence and research, aims to transition into medical practice, training, tools, or to support materiel solutions [systems to develop, acquire, provide, and sustain medical solutions and capabilities], and educates or impacts behavior throughout the continuum of care, including primary prevention of negative outcomes.) The Principal Investigator (PI) must provide a transition plan (including potential funding and resources; see Attachment 7: Transition Plan and Regulatory Strategy) showing how the product will progress to the next level of development (e.g., clinical trials, delivery to the military or civilian market) after the completion of the MBRP award. At the time of pre-application submission the proposed product must be at a minimum technology readiness level (TRL) or knowledge readiness level (KRL) of 3 (Appendix 2).



Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

October 11, 2022

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