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Dept. of Defense - Next-Generation Microelectronics Manufacturing. Due 9/21. $

Opportunity Title:

Next-Generation Microelectronics Manufacturing (NGMM)

Opportunity Number:



The NGMM program will establish a domestic center for R&D and manufacturing 3DHI (three-dimensional heterogeneous integration) microsystems through a subsequent Program Solicitation. The NGMM program will consist of three phases. Phase 0 research for this program (solicited through this HR001122S0050 BAA) will inform planning for the 3DHI manufacturing center by defining exemplar 3DHI microsystems and identifying the equipment, process, and facility requirements for manufacturing these microsystems. The NGMM program plans to establish the 3DHI manufacturing center through a separate, future solicitation.


FFRDCs, Government Entities, and Non-U.S. organizations and/or individuals may participate to the extent that such participants comply with any necessary nondisclosure agreements, security regulations, export control laws, and other governing statutes applicable under the circumstances.

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

September 21, 2022

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