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Dept. of Energy - High Performance Computing for Manufacturing. Deadline: 6/7/22. $3M Available.

Opportunity Title:

High Performance Computing for Manufacturing


High performance computing can help solve some of the toughest technical challenges in manufacturing. Manufacturers have relied on computers for modeling during process and product development and in-plant troubleshooting for decades. Recent increases in computer processing power have enabled dramatically faster and more accurate modeling, simulation, and data analysis. Supercomputers are the apex of computing capability; they are the fastest, most sophisticated computers available for many aplications. They can run large models that create more realistic ‘virtual’ physical systems. As a result, complex behavior in a system can be studied in great detail. Applying this advanced technology to research, problem-solving, and innovation is, for purposes of this document, called high performance computing (HPC).


U.S. manufacturing sectors and companies of all sizes are eligible to apply.

Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

June 7, 2022

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