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DOE Advancing Global Consensus: Clean Fossil Energy and Carbon Management Technologies - Due 09/30/24

Opportunity Title:

Promoting Domestic and International Consensus on Clean Fossil Energy and Carbon Management Technologies



Department of Energy (DOE), Headquarters


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The mission of the Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) is to minimize the environmental impacts of fossil fuels while working towards net-zero emissions. FECM’s programs use research, development, demonstration, and deployment approaches to advance technologies to reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impacts of fossil fuel production and use, particularly the hardest-to-decarbonize applications in the electricity and industrial sectors. Priority areas of technology work include point-source carbon capture, hydrogen with carbon management, methane emissions reduction, critical mineral production, and carbon dioxide removal to address the accumulated CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

FECM recognizes that global decarbonization through carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is essential to meeting climate goals and works to engage with international colleagues to leverage expertise in these areas. FECM is also committed to improving the conditions of communities impacted by the legacy of fossil fuel use and to supporting a healthy economic transition that accelerates the growth of good-paying jobs.

The Office of Carbon Management’s mission is to facilitate a just and environmentally sustainable transition toward a net-zero carbon economy. This mission focuses on the capture, storage, and containment of carbon dioxide. We address emissions associated with the power and industrial sectors, as well as legacy emissions in the atmosphere, and we seek to permanently store and/or convert carbon dioxide (CO2) to reduce negative climate impacts. Our actions center on investments in technological readiness and analysis. Our department researches a portfolio of carbon management approaches, with an emphasis on facilitating development of approaches that meet our technical, justice, and sustainability requirements for commercialization. Our goals are to improve their performance, reduce costs, and scale the deployment of the technologies to decarbonize the power and industrial sectors and to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Areas of Interest

Program Area 1: Carbon Management Technologies

  • Area 1: Carbon Management Technology Consultation, Analysis and Cooperation

  • Area 2: Carbon Management Technology Outreach

  • Area 3: Carbon Management Technology Technical Conference and Workshop Support

​​​​​​​Program Area 2: Domestic and International Oil, Natural Gas, Methane Hydrates, Hydrogen, and Critical Minerals

  • Area 1: Oil, Natural Gas, Hydrogen, and Critical Minerals Consultation, Analysis, and Cooperation

  • Area 2: Oil, Natural Gas, Methane Hydrates, Hydrogen, and Critical Minerals Bilateral and Regional Initiatives and Activities





Award Details:

Total Amount Available:




Applications Due September 30, 2024



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