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DOE Recycling Critical Materials from Electronic Scrap (E-SCRAP) Phase 1 - Application Due 09/04; Webinars 3/27 and 6/18

Opportunity Title:

Electronics Scrap Recycling Advancement Prize (E-SCRAP)



Department of Energy (DOE), Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Technologies Office (AMMTO)


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the launch of the Electronics Scrap Recycling Advancement Prize. This three-phase competition will award up to $4 million to competitors to substantially increase the production and use of critical materials recovered from electronic scrap—or e-scrap.

E-scrap—which includes mobile phones, home appliances, medical or office equipment, an anything else powered by electricity—represents the fastest growing waste stream globally, with e-scrap generation expected to double 2014 levels by 2030. Only 17.4% of e-scrap was collected and recycled globally in 2019, discarding 83% of e-waste and $57 billion in raw material value. However, e-scrap recovery faces numerous roadblocks, including a fragmented recycling value chain, a complex and dynamic feedstock, and a rapidly evolving end-use market.



  • Individuals or teams of individuals

  • Private entities (for-profits and nonprofits)

  • Non-federal government entities (states, counties, tribes, municipalities, and academic institutions)


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:

Electronics Scrap Recycling Advancement Prize


National Laboratory Analysis Support




Phase 1 Applications Due September 04, 2024



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