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DOE SC Program for Research in Basic Plasma Science and Engineering. Due 03/29

Opportunity Title:

Research in Basic Plasma Science and Engineering


Office of Science

Opportunity Number:



The DOE SC program in Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) hereby announces its interest in receiving new or renewal single-investigator or small-group research applications from universities and non-profit organizations to carry out frontier-level research in basic plasma science and engineering. The FES Discovery Plasma Science: Plasma Science and TechnologyGeneral Plasma Science (GPS) program supports research at the frontiers of basic and low temperature plasma science.

This includes:

  • dynamical processes in laboratory, space, and astrophysical plasma, such as magnetic reconnection, plasma dynamo, shocks, turbulence cascade, structures, waves, flows and their interactions;

  • behavior of dusty plasma, non-neutral, single-component matter or antimatter plasma, and ultra-cold neutral plasma; and

  • plasma chemistry and processes in low temperature plasma, interfacial plasma, and interaction of plasma with materials and/or biomaterials.

Through the support of this research, the FES GPS Program plays a key role in training the next generation of plasma scientists and engineers.


  • Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs)

  • Non-profit organizations

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:



Submission Deadline for Pre-Applications - Feb 9, 2024 at 5 PM EST (Required)

Submission Deadline for Applications - Mar 29, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST

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