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DOT Innovative Solutions for Congestion Relief Program – Due 04/22/24

Opportunity Title:

FY22-FY24 Congestion Relief Program



Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)


Opportunity Number:




The goals of the Program are to reduce highway congestion, reduce economic and environmental costs associated with that congestion, including transportation emissions, and optimize existing highway capacity and usage of highway and transit systems through:

  1. improving intermodal integration with highways, highway operations, and highway performance;

  2. reducing or shifting highway users to off- peak travel times or to nonhighway travel modes during peak travel times; and

  3. pricing of, or based on, as applicable,

    • parking;

    • use of roadways, including in designated geographic zones; or

    • congestion.

The vision for the Program is to fund operational improvement projects3 that increase the effectiveness of existing transportation system capacity; improve and integrate travel modes other than single-occupant vehicles; and give travelers sufficient motivation to use those modes or to avoid peak-period travel; and to do so in a manner that:

  • is equitable to the traveling public and affected communities;

  • considers and mitigates any safety impacts;

  • reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fine particulate matter; and

  • considers and mitigates any potential adverse financial impacts to low-income drivers.



  • Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

  • City and municipal governments


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



Minimum Award:




Applications Due April 22, 2024



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