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Forecasted: CA Dept. of Parks and Rec: Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program (GCA) - G22 $35M

Opportunity Title: Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program (GCA) – G22

Opportunity Number: 8066


The Grants and Cooperative Agreements (GCA) Program provides for well managed Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recreation by providing financial assistance to eligible agencies and organizations that develop, maintain, operate, expand, support, or contribute to well managed, high-quality, OHV Recreation areas, roads, and trails, and to responsibly maintain the wildlife, soils, and habitat in a manner that will sustain long-term OHV Recreation.

The GCA Program supports the planning, acquisition, development, maintenance, administration, operation, enforcement, restoration, and conservation of trails, trailheads, areas, and other facilities associated with the use of Off-Highway Motor Vehicles, and programs involving Off-Highway Motor Vehicle safety or education.


Cities, counties, districts, federal agencies, state agencies, educational institutions, federally or state recognized Native American Tribes, Certified Community Conservation Corps and nonprofit entities. Nonprofit organizations shall provide 501(c)(3) status and shall provide IRS Form 990 (or something to the equivalent) from the previous year.

Projects must reside on public lands within the State of California.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $35M

Maximum Award: TBA

Minimum Award: TBA

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: TBA

Anticipated Open Date: January 2022

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