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HCD Releases 2023 Multifamily Finance Super NOFAGuidelines and Notice of Funding Availability

Multifamily Housing Program

Infill Infrastructure Grant Program

Joe Serna Jr. Farmworker Housing Grant Program

Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention Program

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is pleased to announce the 2023 Multifamily Finance Super NOFA (MFSN) Guidelines and Notice of Funding Availability. The Multifamily Finance Super NOFA offers an opportunity to apply for multiple HCD funding sources simultaneously and includes approximately $576 million in total available funding as follows:

  • Multifamily Housing Program - $236 million

  • Infill Infrastructure Grant Program - $168 million

  • Joe Serna Jr., Farmworker Housing Grant Program - $110 million

  • Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention Program - $62 million

This Super NOFA and its applicable guidelines are intended to advance the state’s goal of creating 2.5 million homes by 2030. The MFSN programs make multifamily housing funds accessible to more developers and communities, more equitable in serving the lowest-income Californians, and more targeted to achieve better outcomes in health, climate, and household stability. This Super NOFA streamlines four multifamily programs into a single application process.

Stakeholder Input in Round 2 of the Super NOFA

The first Multifamily Finance Super NOFA was released in 2022 and streamlined four multifamily programs into a single application process consistent with the requirements of Assembly Bill 434. The current Guidelines and Super NOFA include modifications to improve program implementation and access based on stakeholder input and first round outcomes.

Significant changes include:

  • Increased per unit loan limits, with a base per unit amount of $250,000 per Assisted Unit

  • Separate funding targets for Emerging Developers and for Community-Based Developers

  • Ranking and awarding from a single list based on point and tiebreaker scoring

  • An appeals process that allows for the submission of clarifying information

  • Modifications to the scoring system and tie-breaker, including incentives for applications with previously awarded Department funds

How to Apply

The application documents and Application Portal will be available June 1.

Applications are due July 12, 2023 by 4:00 p.m.

Awards are anticipated to be announced Winter 2023.

Upcoming Workshops

Program staff will conduct a series of workshops in June with both in-person and virtual options. Information on dates and how to register will be forthcoming.

Please visit our Super NOFA webpage to view the Multifamily Finance Guidelines and Super NOFA, as well as upcoming information on Super NOFA technical assistance workshops and webinars.

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