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HHS Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part C Capacity Development Program – Due 04/16/24

Opportunity Title:

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part C Capacity Development Program



Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)


Opportunity Number:




The purpose of this program is to strengthen organizational capacity to respond to the changing health care landscape and increase access to high-quality HIV primary health care services for low-income and underserved people with HIV. Funding will support one short-term activity that can be completed by the end of the one-year period of performance. You may propose an expansion of an activity previously supported under FY 2022 or FY 2023 RWHAP Part C Capacity Development Program funding (HRSA-22-019; HRSA-23-052) or RWHAP Part D Supplemental funding (HRSA-22-037; HRSA-22-156: HRSA-23-050) for either an HIV Care Innovation or Infrastructure Development activity; however, HRSA will not fund the same activity in FY 2024 as HRSA funded previously in FY 2022 or FY 2023.

If the proposed project is an expansion of a previously funded activity, you must provide a clear rationale for how the proposed activity builds upon and furthers the objectives of the previously funded HIV Care Innovation or Infrastructure Development activity. You may select only one (1) activity under the selected category.



Nonprofit organizations

Native American tribal organizations

Native American tribal governments


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



Maximum Award:




Applications Due April 16, 2024



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