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Massachusetts Clean Energy Center - BETA Commercial Buildings Pilot. Due 12/16. $1.17M Available.

Opportunity Title:

Building Electrification and Transformation Accelerator (BETA): Commercial Buildings Pilot


Building Electrification and Transformation Accelerator (BETA): Commercial Buildings Pilot is a MassCEC pilot to surface and prove out the technical, implementation, and financial models that will serve as the basis for electrification of buildings in the commercial sector.

This RFP is seeking a Lead Technical Consultant to create protocols and scope for a decarbonization assessment that builds on the framework and successes of Mass Save® with an end goal of full decarbonization, develop target criteria for participant buildings and typologies sought for first cohort of assessments, produce a structure for customizable individual decarbonization plans based on the recommendations from the assessment, considering both over time approaches and immediate opportunities, along with the goals of the building owner, complete assessments on the first cohort of commercial buildings of different typologies, and develop market facing resources, including case studies of each building’s assessment and plan, along with policy facing resources including a gap-analysis on lessons learned.

MassCEC plans to target a diverse cohort of common building typologies in cooperation with the Consultant to ensure assessments and market facing resources are applicable at scale and are responsive to the range of differences within the commercial sector. Potential volume and typologies of buildings that may be reached based on the applicant proposal will be part of the selection criteria.


Applicants may be individuals, sole proprietors, or companies/non-profits with multiple employees. Applicants are encouraged to consider partnering in order to provide complementary expertise that a single entity may not possess. Individual entities may apply as part of multiple Applicant teams. Applicant teams should have one entity that takes responsibility for organizing the team and proposal (“Lead Applicant”).

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

December 16, 2022

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