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MassCEC RFP Cost of Electrifying Existing Buildings Study – Due 02/29/24

Opportunity Title:

Cost of Electrifying Existing Buildings Study RFP



Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC)



MassCEC is seeking a Lead Research Consultant for The Cost of Electrifying Existing Buildings Study. The objective of this research initiative is to quantify and disseminate information on the cost of electrifying and increasing the energy efficiency of Massachusetts' existing building stock in alignment with the state’s 2050 net zero greenhouse gas limits.

For this funding opportunity, we are seeking a Lead Research Consultant to:

  • Provide project management tasks including creating and implementing a project workplan, scheduling meetings, setting agendas, creating notes documents, and developing a research methodology covering both available existing building retrofit data and modeled building retrofit data for electrification and business-as-usual retrofits;

  • Collect available data on the upfront cost of retrofits to fully electrify existing buildings of multiple typologies in Massachusetts versus business-as-usual and/or fossil fuel retrofits, including all relevant incentives, rebates, and tax credits for at least ten (10) typologies to be determined in consultation with MassCEC. A preliminary list of typologies to consider includes single family homes, low-rise multi-family residential, mid- and high-rise multi-family residential, office, clinics, retail, assembly, food service, hotel, supermarket, and warehouse buildings;

  • Create cost estimates for the upfront cost of electrification and business-as-usual retrofits where costs are not publicly available in existing data sets, including estimating all relevant incentives, rebates, and tax credits;

  • Draft representative case studies and a white paper presenting the results of the analysis above, documenting data sources, cost estimates, assumptions, methodologies, and potential sources of uncertainty in data presented, and assemble a database of the case studies and the real-world and modeled cost data and analysis in database format; and

  • Conduct additional research on the topic of existing building electrification in the Commonwealth as needed by MassCEC and mutually agreed upon between MassCEC and the Consultant.


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:




Applications Due February 29, 2024



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