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National Science Foundation-Spectrum Innovation Initiative: National Radio Dynamic Zones. Due: 6/21.

Opportunity Title:

Spectrum Innovation Initiative: National Radio Dynamic Zones

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The electromagnetic spectrum is an essential resource for many sectors of society and the economy. Commercial applications (e.g., wireless communication, navigation, and telemetry) compete for spectrum access with scientific activities (e.g., radio astronomy, earth observation, geospace sciences, and polar research) and other vital spectrum-dependent services (e.g., air traffic control). Ongoing technological progress has created a situation where each application, activity, and service seeks additional spectrum access. Potential benefits from additional spectrum access include faster communications, new astronomical and scientific discoveries, more energy-efficient cities, increased highway capacity and safety, and more accurate weather predictions. Achieving these benefits calls for increased use of dynamic spectrum sharing ways to enable diverse spectrum users to safely operate closer together in space or frequency or to trade spectrum access more rapidly than is possible with traditional spectrum management approaches. The goal of this Spectrum Innovation Initiative: National Radio Dynamic Zones (SII-NRDZ) program is to advance the use of dynamic spectrum sharing.

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Application Deadline:

June 21, 2022

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