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Notice of Funds Availability for the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP)

GMA has developed a site analysis chart to help our clients determine the strongest site locations when responding to the HBIIP solicitation. Please contact us to discuss how to best use this tool to put forth the most competitive proposal possible.

Key Program Information

• USDA designed the Higher Blends

Infrastructure Incentive Program

(HBIIP) to increase availability of

higher blends of ethanol, such as

E15 and biodiesel (B20).

• USDA will provide grants to

transportation fueling and biodiesel

distribution facilities. These grants

will lower the out-of-pocket costs for

businesses to install and/or upgrade

fuel dispensers, infrastructure

(including storage tanks and

systems) and related equipment.

• HBIIP grants will support

transportation fueling facilities, such

as fueling stations, convenience

stores, hypermarket fueling stations,

feet facilities, and similar entities

and biodiesel distribution facilities,

including biodiesel terminal operations

and home heating oil distribution

centers or equivalent entities.

• Expanding the availability of higher blend

biofuels will provide consumers

with more choices when they fill up at

the pump, including environmentally

friendly fuel with decreased

emissions. This will drive demand for

our farmers and improve air quality.

Contact us for more info:

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