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NY Electric Truck & Bus Challenge (PON 4745)

Due Date: 08/26/2021 (Round 1)

Description The Electric Truck and Bus Challenge aims to identify and demonstrate ways to reduce the cost, system and operational challenges of further deployment of medium- and heavy-duty (MD/HD) electric vehicles (EVs), including minimizing the costs of charging and grid integration infrastructure for MD/HD EVs; improve the quality of life in disadvantaged and other affected communities; and demonstrate clear potential for replication and scale. NYSERDA will award up to five $100,000 planning grants under Phase One and up to three $8 million grand prizes under Phase Two. The Electric Truck and Bus Challenge is part of the New York Clean Transportation Prizes program, which is administered by NYSERDA, in partnership with the New York State Department of Public Service and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The program is part of an $85 million commitment through New York’s EV Make Ready program to accelerate the transition to a clean transportation future. Application Submission

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Associated Documents

  • PON 4745 Summary [PDF]

  • PON 4745 Attachment A - Phase One Proposal Form [PDF]

  • PON 4745 Attachment B - Phase One Scoring Rubric [PDF]

  • PON 4745 Attachment C - Sample Agreement including Exhibit A - Statement of Work for Phase One Planning Grant Awards [PDF]

  • Disclosure Statement [PDF]


  • Clean Transportation Prizes

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