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NYSERDA Empire Technology Prize: Heating and Distribution Systems – Due 03/22/24

Opportunity Title:

Empire Technology Prize


NYSERDA, Wells Fargo, The Clean Fight, RMI


The Empire Technology Prize is focused on finding groundbreaking solutions to tackle the greatest single source of GHG emissions from New York’s tall buildings - heating. Solutions that will be significantly easier for tall building owners to adopt - in short, high GHG reduction, minimally disruptive to install, with a path to cost competitiveness.

New York needs new solutions that will help avoid expensive and disruptive installation: a new class of heat pumps that work with the existing steam or high temperature hot water infrastructure, and new distribution solutions that make it easier to adopt existing centralized low temperature heat pumps.

There are two areas of focus:

  • Centralized heat pumps that generate steam (219F/104C) or high temperature hot water (180F/82C)

  • Distribution solutions that make it easier to adopt centralized low temperature heat pumps (≤120F/49C), without the need to remove existing distribution systems

To win by the end of the 1 year program, teams must develop at least a tested prototype for a heating, or distribution system, that can be more easily installed than current solutions for existing New York State residential or commercial buildings 7 stories and higher. The solutions will be scored on their projected GHG reduction by 2040, ease of implementation in the NY market, and path to cost competitiveness.


Any incorporated company with at least two full time employees is eligible to participate — from small startups to publicly traded corporations.

You can be based anywhere in the world, but your solution must demonstrate applicability to the New York City and/or State market.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:



March 22, 2024

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