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NYSERDA Vehicle Grid Integration Program. Due 11/8.

Opportunity Title:

Vehicle Grid Integration Program

Opportunity Number:

PON 5354


Electrification of transportation is central to achieving New York’s Climate Act goals, and two major barriers to electrifying transportation are potential capacity limitations for the existing grid to accommodate a diversity of EV types and charging patterns at scale and a lack of proven zero-emission technologies suitable for many medium- and heavy-duty and off-road vehicle segments. NYSERDA seeks to fund cutting-edge approaches to grid flexibility and zero-emission vehicles that support vehicle grid integration and address the lack of validation for advanced grid technologies; lackluster participation in managed charging programs; and hard-to-electrify vehicle types. A total of $12 million is available, with awards up to $3 million, to promote product development and demonstration solutions for projects within each focus area.


Proposals should demonstrate a feasible path to economic viability and be replicable and transferrable throughout the State and beyond by different size vendors, utilities, fleet managers, etc. Private, nonprofit, and public entities are eligible to propose.

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

Round 1 Concept Papers: September 12, 2023

Round 1 Proposals: November 8, 2023

Round 2 Concept Papers: January 30, 2024

Round 2 Proposals: March 12, 2024

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