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Prop 68 Groundwater Treatment and Remediation Grant Program

Proposition 68 was passed by voters in June 2018. The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) will administer $74 million from Chapter 11.1 for grants for treatment and remediation activities that prevent or reduce the contamination of groundwater that serves as a source of drinking water.

Streamlined Solicitation for Severely Disadvantaged Communities

Solicitation Closes July 17, 2020

Approximately $16 million is set-aside for projects serving SDACs. Before applying, please contact program staff at to confirm SDAC eligibility.

If you need grant writing assistance, please contact us right away, GMA has extensive experience with this funding source.

The solicitation for SDAC projects has been significantly streamlined.  The goal is to collect enough information for program staff to evaluate project eligibility. After reviewing submitted information and identifying eligible projects, program staff will work directly with the eligible applicant to collect additional documentation necessary to award funds.

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