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RFI - Direct Current Power Systems. Comments are due by 8/7.

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RFI - Direct Current Power Systems

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The California Energy Commission (CEC) is gathering information for a potential future grant funding opportunity (GFO) focused on research needed to enable efficient power delivery for direct current (DC)-based electrical systems. The purpose is to help define critical research needs in this area and identify high-impact use cases that a future research GFO may target.

DC-based power systems can improve system efficiency and achieve energy cost savings by eliminating power conversions. The GFO will aim to 1) develop key power system components such as DC circuit breakers, meters, controls, bidirectional multiport inverters (inverters that can simultaneously manage several inputs and outputs), and other power electronics; 2) enhance the interoperability of the various DC end-use devices; 3) demonstrate DC power systems for electric vehicle charging and bidirectional charging; and 4) demonstrate DC power systems for building applications with high efficiency potential. The DC power systems will reduce or eliminate the number of power conversions, associated equipment and installation, and operations and maintenance costs while enhancing the reliability of the systems because of fewer required power electronics and potential points of failure.

Comments Deadline:

August 7, 2023

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