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Round One - California Schools Healthy Air, Plumbing, & Efficiency (CalSHAPE) Plumbing Program

The CalSHAPE Plumbing Program provides grants to local educational agencies and state agencies to replace noncompliant plumbing fixtures and appliances that fail to meet water efficiency standards. CalSHAPE Plumbing Program prioritizes investments in schools in underserved communities. The application period deadline is 5:00 PM on December 31, 2021.

The CalSHAPE Plumbing Program is one of two grant programs under the CalSHAPE Program, established by Assembly Bill (AB) 841 (Ting, Chapter 372, Statutes of 2020). The CalSHAPE Plumbing Program provides grants to local educational agencies (LEA) and state agencies to replace aging and water inefficient plumbing fixtures and appliances with water-conserving plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Eligibility for the CalSHAPE Plumbing Program is limited to LEAs in Funding Round One. To apply for a grant, an LEA must meet the eligibility requirements as specified in Chapter 1, Section D of the guidelines. Additionally, grants are awarded only for projects at sites located in an 2 Underserved Community as defined in Chapter 1.E of the guidelines.

The total funding available for Funding Round One of the CalSHAPE Plumbing Program is $55,002,032. The total funding is 25 percent, which is the percent of funds allocated to the CalSHAPE Plumbing Program, of the Proposed 2021 Stimulus Program Funding amounts provided in Table 1 of the utilities’ February 1, 2021, joint advice letter to the CPUC. If additional funds become available, subsequent Notices of Funding Availability will be posted to provide updated available funding amounts.

As a reminder, grant applications are reviewed in the order of date and time received. Applications are submitted electronically via the CalSHAPE Online System, found at Application materials that include instructions on the process to complete and submit an application for the CalSHAPE Plumbing Program are posted on the CalSHAPE Program webpage, under the Plumbing Program expandable menu, at the More Information link below.

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