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Seeking Applicants for the FY21 INFRA Grant Program

The USDOT recently announced that it is seeking applicants for the FY21 round of the INFRA Grant Program. Some key points are:

  • The funding available for this year’s grants totals approximately $889 million;

  • The FY21 round will fund transportation projects of national and regional significance that result in:

    • Good-paying jobs,

    • Improved safety,

    • Transformative technology, and

    • For the first time, explicitly address climate change and racial equity.

This announcement also included the creation of the “INFRA Extra” Program, which “will identify competitive INFRA applicants who do not receive an INFRA award and authorize them to seek a Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act of 1998 (TIFIA) loan up to 49 percent of their project cost”

If you’re interested in the full announcement or the actual Notice of Funding Availability please select the following links: Infrastructure For Rebuilding America and INFRA 2021 Notice of Funding Opportunity.

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