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Volkswagen Light Duty Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program

The Volkswagen Light Duty Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program, a state-wide program funding electric vehicle infrastructure, will provide $5 million in Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust funding for the purchase and installation of new charging stations for battery electric vehicles. The program goals are to: Direct at least 50% of funds to disadvantaged and low-income communities.

Expand EV charging access state-wide and close geographic gaps in coverage.

The draft guidance document is currently available for review and public comment from interested parties.

Deadline for feedback is January 28, 2021. In advance of this solicitation there will be a pre-solicitation webinar. During the webinar, staff will be discussing program requirements and give an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and provide comments.

Webinar Date: January 21, 2021 Time: 3 PM Register here

Background The VW Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program is part of the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust, a nationwide program that provides $423 million for California to fully mitigate the excess nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions caused by VW’s use of illegal emissions testing defeat devices in VW diesel vehicles. California’s funding will support advanced technology vehicle and equipment deployments and accelerate the zero-emission transformation of the heavy-duty fleet. For more information on the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust and details on eligibility requirements for the VW Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Grant, visit Contact The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is serving as the state-wide administrator of the funding for the VW Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Grant under contract to the California Air Resources Board.

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