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CA: CPUC Equity, Engagement, and Education (EEE) Grant Account Cycle 2

Opportunity Title:

Equity, Engagement, and Education (EEE) Grant Account Cycle 2



Opportunity Number:

Portal ID: 61971


The Equity, Engagement, and Education (EEE) Grant Account Cycle 2 will award grants for the purposes of building CBO, Tribal, and community capacity to understand and engage with CPUC decision-making processes.  This will enable CBOs and Tribes to have more influence over clean energy programs and support making these programs more accessible to their served communities.

The EEE Grant Account will cover the following activities:

  1. Community involvement and outreach related to CPUC proceedings.

  2. Employing consultants and staff for tasks necessary for active involvement in CPUC decision-making processes.

  3. Education, training, and curriculum development concerning CPUC processes, proceedings, and programs.

  4. Partnership and coalition development to raise awareness of CPUC matters in underprivileged communities.

The activities are categorized as follows:

  • Outreach: Educating their communities on CPUC policies, proceedings, and programs.

  • Training: Developing internal staff capacity to serve their community.

  • Advocacy: Advocating for their community before the CPUC with new legal or regulatory expertise.


  • California tax-exempt organizations

  • Federally or non-federally recognized California Native American Tribes

  • Tribal entities, including organizations incorporated under Tribal law and wholly owned by the Tribe, Tribal Section 17 Corporations, and Tribal utilities and authorities

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:



Applications Due June 30, 2024

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