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CA Dept. of Education: California Serves Grant Program $5M Available - Due 3/10/23

Opportunity Title:

California Serves Grant Program


The California Serves Grant Program provides funding for a grant period from fiscal year 2022-23 through 2024-25. Funds available to each applicant are based on the content and quality of the submitted application and proposed activities. The total annual grant budget for this Request for Applications (RFA), as appropriated in Section 71 of Assembly Bill 181 of the General Fund, is up to $5 million. Eligible local educational agencies may apply for grants of up to $500,000.


Applicants must be Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) that serve pupils in grade twelve; offer the State Seal of Civic Engagement (SSCE) to students locally; and in which at least 55 percent of the pupils enrolled in the applicant local educational agency shall be unduplicated pupils as defined in Education Code Section 2574 or 42238.02, as applicable.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $5M

Maximum Award: $500k

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: 3/10/23

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