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CA Dept of Housing & Community Dev 2018 CDBG-MIT RIP Allocation Project Application – Due 03/29

Opportunity Title:

2018 CDBG-MIT RIP Allocation Project Application


Department of Housing and Community Development

Opportunity Number:

Portal ID: 53304


The purpose of the MIT-RIP program is to assist local Jurisdictions with Mitigation-related infrastructure needs to support risk reduction from the three primary hazards (wildfire, flooding, and earthquake) as established within the Mitigation Needs Assessment (MNA). Projects should be consistent with applicable planning documents (e.g., Local Hazard Mitigation Plan).

The program prioritizes Projects that benefit vulnerable and LMI populations as well as those located inside the Most Impacted and Distressed area (MID) or documented to impact the MID. Per the grant requirements program funds must benefit the MID and 50 percent of the program funds are required to benefit LMI persons.

Additionally, for CDBG-MIT funds to be used as the non-federal cost share local match, the Project must be a HUD eligible activity and must meet a HUD national objective, per CDBG-MIT rules and regulations. Similarly, the Project must fully comply with all applicable federal rules and regulations, to include Davis Bacon and related acts, Section 3, Section 504, procurement, environmental review, and all other CDBG-MIT, cross-cutting, state and local applicable statutes, rules, and regulations.


  • Public Agency

  • Tribal Government

Projects must either be located in the MID or benefit the area designated by HUD as the most impacted and distressed areas, or “the MID.”

The MID areas are:

• Shasta County

• Lake County

• Butte County

• Los Angeles County

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



March 29, 2024

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