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CA Dept of Water Resources: Instream Flow Water Purchase Program

Opportunity Title:

Instream Flow Water Purchase Program


CA Dept of Water Resources


The Instream Flow Water Purchase Program (WPP) establishes financial instruments and agreements necessary to ensure water for beneficial instream flows are made available from those with legal rights to use or dedicate water.

Projects must measurably enhance streamflow at a time and location necessary to provide fisheries or ecosystem benefits or that improve upon existing flow conditions. To ensure the greatest environmental benefit, promote the recovery of species, and improve upon existing flow conditions, the Instream Flow Water Purchase Program’s focus shall be on funding the acquisition of instream flows in the Sacramento-San Joaquin watershed provided January through June, with priority for flows provided in dry and critically dry water year types. Eligible applicants include individuals, non-profit groups, and public local entities that meet minimum qualifications set forth in these Guidelines.

Minimum qualifications will require applicants to provide at least 2,000 acre-feet of water through sale, lease, license, dedication or other binding mechanism, including forbearance, for purposes of instream flow enhancement between January 1st and June 30th in every water year type in which the water right holder proposes to provide water. These flows must be provided in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Watershed for at least 10 water years (subject to negotiation if only provided in specific water year types), unless a proponent is seeking to act as a block grantee, in which case the required minimum volume of water provided will be 5,000 acre-feet or greater. In such cases, all other minimum qualifications shall remain the same.


  • Business

  • Individual

  • Nonprofit

  • Public Agency

  • Tribal Government

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $360M



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