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CalFire Urban and Community Forestry Program Deadline is July 14th

CalFire: Urban and Community Forestry Program

Deadline: July 14

Amount: $150,000 to $1.5 million (Depending on project type – see page 21 of guidelines)

Match: All of the grant types require a cost-share (matching) rate of 75/25.

Eligibility: State and local agencies and nonprofit organizations. Projects that are either in or serving disadvantaged communities (DAC) and severely disadvantaged communities (SDAC) will receive scoring preference in this grant program.

Benefits can include:

1. Projects to mitigate the impact of climate change (AB 32, 2006), by expanding urban forests across the state with emphasis on previously underserved local entities to achieve geographic balance.

2. Improving urban forest resources under in parks, trails, recreation areas, and urban settings to increase the value of outdoor experiences and opportunities for physical activity opportunities that will improve public health.

3. Programs that improve long-term management of urban forests and improve urban forest performance and resiliency over time.

4. Education and outreach programs to diversity serving and youth-serving organizations, programs, and partnerships that will serve urban areas. A program will focus on the benefits of the urban forest and will encourage maximum citizen participation in development and implementation.

5. Economic opportunities to facilitate the creation of permanent jobs in tree maintenance and related urban forestry activities in neighborhood, local, and regional urban areas with particular emphasis to underserved and disadvantaged communities.

6. Environmental benefits to include improvements to water infrastructure, flood and storm water capture and infiltration, clean air, reduced energy use, urban revitalization, and producing useful products such as biofuel, clean energy, and high-quality wood products.

7. Projects may provide a combination of these co-benefits or other co-benefits not mentioned, or even benefits that are not yet clearly defined.

Contact us today for a free consultation around your project concept. We are happy to assist you with strategic partners and developing your application.

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